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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Keg and Case

Y'all wanna hear about my visit to the new Keg and Case in St. Paul?
Well keep reading if you do :)

Last minute decision hubbie and I went to check out Keg and Case in St. Paul on a snowy winter Saturday.
Keg and Case is an indoor market.  I would say it's mostly food.
Start to finish, parking lot pretty small, but lots of parking in the area.
We decided to just to a quick walk through check out everything then go back and make our stops of we wanted to purchase something.
I was thinking it was going to be larger, but not disappointed.
There are many shops on the main level and an upstairs that you can chill out, have a drink or get your grub on.
Most shops are food related, plenty of places to eat.
We picked up a cup of meat (mild) from a German meat shop called K'nack, walked around munching on that.  Lots of people stopped and asked where we got it.

Everyone working there that we spoke to were very friendly & knowledgeable about their products.
If you know me I have a huge love for cheese, so of course we had to stop at a cheese shop.  Gatza, has a great variety of cheeses.

At the time I did not realize that kiddy corner from the cheese shop is a little cheese bistro, owned by the same company, there you can sit down and sample the cheese, with a drink if you'd like.  Then go purchase what you liked.
There is a second level, a brewery and tons of cute seating areas.  You don't have to be drinking beer to sit up there.

Some things that caught my eye was a beautiful restaurant called In Bloom, very stunning.  All foods are cooked over a wood fire. And I believe all wild game don't hold me to that though :)

Also there is a really neat shop where they grow mushrooms on the spot, Forest to Fork.

And of course, the infamous Revival.  I believe they have 3 locations now.
There is a fun little gourmet cotton candy store, the kiddies will love that one!

I think this would be a great place to bring your out of town guests, have a date or just to get out of the house when your feeling the winter blues.
Excited to go back and check out more shops!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

St. Paul Food Truck Fair

Fun fact about Angie, did you know I was an Yelp Elite?!  All bow to Angie.   KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!  
No really, Yelp is pretty cool.  I do use it often, I like hearing what people think of establishments.  I found great places off of Yelp!  George the Dragon, my new nail place, Envy Nails.
You make friends, find out about cool events and so much more!  
Being an Elite I entered a contest and won free beer tickets to the upcoming St. Paul Food Truck Fair at Mears Park. 
Who doesn't like a good food truck!  There were 31 of them there!  SO many choices!
Beer, food, a band, dancing, products, games and tons of awesome people watching!  What a fun time.
Hubbie and I shared everything we ordered so we did not over do it, cause that would be really easy to do with all those wonderful choices!
Here is what we ate.

Let's start off with my favorite food truck around, I have had this meal a few times now.  The Fried Green Tomato BLT from The Moral Omnivore!  Seriously if you see this truck, get the BLT!  

Ok Hubbie's turn to pick, we tried a bourbon bacon grilled cheese, sounds great right?  Well it was pretty basic, and they totally skimped on bacon, I swear there was one piece on this sandwich. 

What a cute name for a truck Panini Pinups.  I have a friend who lives in Hawaii, so we had the Hawaiian panini in honor of her (she has no clue lol). This would include pineapple, spam and cheese, surprisingly very good!  Now all these sandwiches are just halves we are not splitting a whole sandwich over and over. I can't eat that much! 

Right next to the panini truck as an Asian truck, mama loves a good egg roll, these did not disappoint!

Hubbies choice again, he picked a pulled bbq brisket sandwich, Sorry no photo, he really liked it.  I thought it was ok.

I was hoping to find an Indian taco, I have never had one before, they look SO good!  This is a stock photo.

Also once at a food/beer festival at out local Bachman's one year we had loaded fries from a food truck, and I can't for the life of me remember what truck it was.  but they were AMAZING!!!!  
I didn't find them this day :(  

So that about wraps it up, that was a pretty great event!  

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bad Weather Brewing Company

Date night happened at Bad Weather Brewing Company in St. Paul this weekend.
That has been on our list of places to go what seems like a real long time now and finally the stars aligned and we made it!
That made for a very happy husband.
It was a cool building, very spacious, it sorta divided into two sections.
It was not insanely busy but busy enough, we did get a table after only a couple minutes of waiting.
I loved the vaulted ceilings and wood work.
There are a couple of old school video games to play and a shelf of board games for anyone to play.
You can order your drinks on either side of the bar & they are real quick at serving you.
I tried the Migration, it was really good!

Ill let the husband tell you in his own words about his beer tasting experience!  "Loved the Cask Hopcromancer which is their house IPA, Had a coffee infused Ominous (their double brown ale) on nitro, brought home a growler of Hopcromancer, those are my notes."
OH a man of many words!  Thanks buddie.
They have food trucks on site that evening it was Potter's Pasties, a British food truck.  I had never had British food before, not a huge fan.  But it was alright.
At Bad Weather Brewing you can rent out space to hold your private event.
Check out their website to see what special events they are having game night or what food trucks will be visiting.
You can buy a growler to go.
If you don't like what food truck they have, bring your own or have some delivered.
Or just drink beer!  Just don't drink and drive ;)
Check them out right on West 7th in St Paul you can't miss them!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Restaurant review time, actually this is a second review for this place.
Shamrocks and The Nook are sister restaurants, I have never been to The Nook.
Shamrocks has a great location, super fun atmosphere, the have bands, awesome people who go here and work here.
We always have gotten great service.  Usually there is a wait, but it's a big place so you don't wait to have to wait to long.
This Irish girl likes to go there for the appetizers and cold beers.
I am not a huge fan of the fris and burgers.  But I have to say I always get the same burger so maybe if I try something new???  DUH!
If you're curious what burger that is I order the Juicy Nookie, that is a cheese stuffed burger.
I'm not sure exactly what it is that I don't like but I think it is the texture of the beef when they form it to stuff with cheese that gets to me.

(that note on my burger basically says LAVA hot cheese beware don't be an idiot and bite right into it!)

The fris are floppy, best word I could come up with floppy.  Not soggy, floppy.
In the warmer months you can sit outside on the happenin 7th street in St. Paul, there is also eye candy for you ladies across the street at the huge fire station!  LOL
Last time we went there we ordered the jalapeno poppers, they were just to our liking stuffed with warm cream cheese and breaded.

We also tried some new beers to us, and both liked them.  You would have thought I could have taken note of the names of them right?!  Oppsie!  Hey I did get a picture of my beer!

Wait!  Hold your horse's I remembered I checked my beer in on Untappd a fun app for beer drinkers. The beer I had was Finnegans Irish Amber, very good!

The table we sat at was cool it had past photos of St. Patricks day under the glass, lots of fun to look at.

Both locations provide a free shuttle to and from Vikings and Wild, home games.

Speaking of Irish - St. Patricks Day is right around the corner, and Shamrocks will be having their annual St. Patrick's Day bash!  Actually they have a party on the 14th &  17th, what an awesome place to celebrate, but make sure to have a sober cab!

Overall review, good, we will be going back!

Here is my original review, I have been back there several time since I wrote this Shamrocks Review.