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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Grand Marais

Oh man, I am a super bad blogger!  Usually when I plan on writing up about my vacations, I'll keep notes in my phone.
100% forgot to do that, and one week later I'm trying to remember all the fun things we did.
Alright, bare with me as I try to recall all my adventures.
Hubbie and I have had this vacation planned with my cousin and her husband for a while now.  She grew up spending most of her summers in Grand Marais with her Grandparents, it was a nice little stroll down memory lane for her.
The first evening hubbie and I spent camping.

We parked loaded up the kayaks with what we needed for an evening and kayaked across the lake, set up camp and explored the area. Before we left home I made us a wonderful stuffed bread wrapped it foil and we roasted it over the campfire for dinner.

  Great time until dusk, when every bug in Minnesota came out and found us :)  And then the storm hit, hubbie slept right through it, wish I did!

I have written about our trip to GM before, we hit up a lot of the same places.
On our way there we travel through Duluth and we ALWAYS have to stop at Northern Water Smokehaus, split an amazing smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese, it comes with a pickle and a mint.  Amazing!

One place we had not explored yet was the stunning Naniboujou Lodge.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner, and the french onion soup, wow!

Naniboujou opened in 1920, the interior is the original paint.  My cousin has heard that the fire place is the largest in Minnesota.

We took a short walk to the waterfront after dinner, there a river runs into Lake Superior, there were tons of people agget hunting here.

The condo we rented was right off the main beach in downtown Grand Marais.  What a great view we had, very nice place, just a little confusing on check in.  

I found it on Air B&B.  
My morning view, pretty nice huh?!

Lets see, we had dinner and drinks at The Birch Terrace Supper Club, my cousin calls the bar "The Dirty Birch". It's pretty old school and right on the main strip.

We did a little window shopping popping in and out of cute shops.

One of our favorite places to kayak is 2 fish house beach, that is up the coast a bit further.  The sun was shining, but it was cool and breezy.  We ate lunch on the shore we picked up at the grocery store. 

Another stop would be the rooftop at Gunflint Tavern, what a great view! 

Voyagers Brewery is a great place to go, rooftop seating, most weekends there is a band.  Good small plates and beers!  

There is so much more to do and see, shops, national parks, hikes, lakes galore.  
Make the trip, you won't regret it!  

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Erik the Red

I heard of this place from my cousin Michelle who actually lives in Wisconsin.  She and her husband were looking for a place to celebrate this past Super Bowl, and she came across Eric The Red, right across from the US Bank Stadium.
What a great idea for a restaurant, Viking themed, Minnesota Vikings, Swedish, Irish, Norwegian etc.
And good thing for me, I found a Groupon for the place!
So husband and I went to check it out one evening.
Like I said it is straight across from the stadium (I keep wanting to say dome! you know what I mean if your from MN)

I did not get many photos of the interior, I didn't want to take photos of the customers.  But, the theme is nice large red & black plaid booths, antlers, deer heads.  The people working here are wearing plaid.  Plaid, Plaid, Plaid!!!  (inside joke).

We sat at the bar.

I'm guessing it was shift changing time, service was a little slow.  But not terrible.
We shared a white fish sampler, served with lefse and rye toast.  Very good! 

Hubbie had a trio of wild game brats with french fries.  He very much enjoyed this.

I had the Thor burger with a side of brussel sprouts, the bacon on the burger was fantastic so thick and the brussels YUMMY!!  My burger was a little dry, I only ate half brought the rest home for the hubster.  

I would totally go back to Erik the Red

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Stillwater 21st Birthday Extravaganza

Let's talk about a little adventure I had this weekend for my sweet, kind, unbelievable adorable first niece Mallory a.k.a Mal.
It was going to be a quaint little party of four Mallory, her Mom Amy my sister, my daughter Samantha a.k.a Sam, and myself.
Well that Sam ended up sick, so down to three.
Amy (my sister) rented a limo from a Groupon, she kept referring it to Craigslist ( I wouldn't get on that limo!).
Ok we are on our way to pick up the limo, my wonderful husband drives us to a mall where we are to meet the limo, no specific address, so we drive and drive to find it, we drive by a bus, pretty scary looking, black tinted out windows, skinny little tires, some strange emblem on the side of the bus, we all say  "Lord I hope that's not what they call a limo"!!
Somehow after questioning if that was it, we see people loading up into the contraption, my brave sister walks over there peeks her head in.
The young woman said to her with fear in her eyes, yes this is the "limo".  My sister describes is as basicly cheap, tinsel, a mannequin head and blacked out.
A. this is not a limo B. not private C. Scary AF!
Someone was in the bus checking people in, no sign to indicate that this is it.

This woman never to be seen again.  kidding

We had a group huddle about it, decided we would NIX this idea and head to Stillwater - a sure good time!
If you follow my blog, you know that I know Stillwater pretty well.
So I am the tour guide of the day (kinda sorta)!
We get there get dropped of at the edge of town after driving over the new bridge for the heck of it. Twice!  I have a fear of heights but managed to keep my eyes open the second time over & it was a beautiful fall filled sight.

First we did a quick walk through of the Fall Festival that coincidentally was going on. Tents set up with things for sale, drinks, food and music.
There was a pumpkin race but we could not get a view of it, to crowded.

Not my photo - but isn't this the craziest thing ?!  HAHAHA!

Made our way over to a cool looking building Tin Bin's  for a cup of java - the girls had spiked coffees, I tried a sip of each, very good.

(not my photo)

Really a cute place, they were pretty busy but, we did manage to find a spot to sit.
They also have food if you're hungry :)
Here's my pretty niece (hope she doesn't kill me for sharing her pic)!

Not in any special order but, here are some great spots we hit up!

Maple Island Brewing - we stopped here twice hahaha!  Great venue, outdoor seating great view of the lake.
Good Beer, we shared a couple flights so we could try each beer, they also have root beer and sell growlers.
There was a band and the rental room above was hosting a wedding reception, we witnessed the first dance - that's when you all say AAAHHHHHH.......

Right next door is a Northern Vineyard Winery. The ladies did a tasting, I'm pretty sure there was rooftop seating here. The women who were working there were very friendly and informative.  

Stopped in at Wedge and Wheel, one of my favorite stops in Stillwater - wine & cheese!  

Fantastic cheeses, paired with meat, nuts, warm bread and those yummy little French pickles Cornichons. This was a chef's choice pairing. 

The Tilted Tiki - such a cute place!  They too have a patio and a special little seating area, it looked to be inside and outside, reminded me of the Golden Girls veranda LOL  
The Tilted Tiki has a very large specialty drink menu they were SO pretty!  

We shared a plate of fried rice, it was one of the appetizers offered - kinda strange to be an appetizer if you ask me, but it was good.

A few spots we wanted to get to but did not have enough time would be Nacho Mamas, they have the best street corn actually everything we have had there is very good & affordable!
My sister says she makes the best street corn.  But, I have yet to try it HINT HINT Amy!  

Lion's Tavern, they have a great patio.  

I always wanted to go to Luna Rossa wine cave tour, while there we thought it was just under construction.  Seems to be permanently closed according to the web.

It wasn't all drinking we did do a little shopping antique shops and cooking stores.

Overall a pretty great day - Happy 21st Birthday Mal - Love ya!  

Monday, October 24, 2016

Door County Vaca

       (yup thats us- this is at the end of the beach where we stay, we take this photo every year)

Another successful trip to Door county, WI!
Ok if you're new here, Door County has become my annual fall trip, this is my fourth or fifth year?
Now our adult plan is to move to Ely, MN when our last child is grown, this house of our is just WAY to much space for us and we want out of the city.
They can come with us, I'm not ready to be an empty nester!
Door County is giving Ely some good competition in our eyes!
Could I live in WI??  UM heck ya I'd fit right in, I love beer & cheese - it runs thru my veins!
SO back to the trip, we have a few "have to stops" on this trip.
One being the cheese shop duh!  That is right next to a wine store, every store in Door County has wine tasting, these people are pros they start at 10am!  GOSH DARN people how do you cope the rest of the day!?  HAHA!!!


Next have to stop would be - White Fish Dip!!!  Stuff is amazing!  You can find it in Gills Rock.

When we got to Door County the colors were not very vibrant, but the last couple of days they sure did pop!  
Just an FYI - I AM the master at spotting dear, you SO want me on your team!

The first night we were there we had a bonfire/weenie roast on the beach - it was AWESOME!

It was Fall Festival time, or like the locals call it "Fall Down" Festival!
Sister Bay is CRAZY busy - we got to see the goats having lunch on the roof again.

Lunch time @ Grasses Grill , OMG awesome grass fed burgers (did you think I was gonna order something new??) And Look they made a flower on my bun - cute!
Another lunch we had, we stumbled upon last year, just taking different routes all over the peninsula, basically that is what we do - drive and drive and drive, stumbling across hidden gems, and looking at all the scenery!  
We had a conversation with this elderly man smokin' outside this place, he had seen our license plates were from Minnesota he asked from where, he lived there up until 20 years ago he moved to Door County & Loves it!  I bet he does!
We shared the breaded mushrooms, humongous (not with the old man, just ourselves haha)!  And had a bowl of chili - YUM
Came across this Door County Candle shop, I do not suggest going in here if you are prone to migraines!  Pretty cool though you can watch them work away making candles.

Door County Brewery is where it's at kids!  Husband told me a funny story about one of the beers here, was named after a local man who would visit the local watering hole, bring his boombox with him and play polka music.  The Polka King Beer was born!  Isn't that a hoot?!

Found this really cool sculpture garden/gallery - wow people are so talented!  You walk a path thru the woods and look at some amazing work. (Edgewood Orchard Gallery)

I have more photos from there, I'm not sure where they went!  But there are huge metal sculptures, horses, wolves, Elephants just amazing!  

I think our favorite place to eat is in Sturgeon Bay, Kitty O'Reillys an Irish joint.  Good food and fun atmosphere.  Husband ordered this appetizer - Irish eggs, not my favorite but I've liked everything else I tried here.

If you didn't know Packers and Vikings are rivals, we are in Packer territory while in WI.  Hubbie wants to go to a sports bar (Greycastle) and watch a football game, hope they don't hurt us!  
Oh bummer they lost :(  Maybe we were bad luck!  
The bartender passed out Packer Backer Shots to everyone.  
Oh we also ordered poppers here, they were YUMMY!

I'm gonna throw in a few pic's here to wrap it up - if your still with me?!  
One of many shops on the main roads, where they sell wonderful canned goods (Kolspey).
So many gorgeous farms! 

Oh so many wineries, gift shops and eateries.  This is a wonderful distillery!
Found these sassy towels there.  
Another stop, a gallery, winery-vineyard, gift shop - you can also get on a trolly here to take a tour of the area.

There are so many things to do in Door County, and we have only just begun to discover them, I totally suggest you vacation here!  You can thank me later :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Domo Gastro and More!

Friday night is usually date night but this weekend we switched it up for Sunday night.  Places were way quieter, no waits.  So it has it's good points. But I do love people watching so I don't mind busy nights.
First a little antique shopping at my favorite shop, Hunt and Gather, I'm looking for the perfect table for my garden.  Didn't find it that day.
I told hubbie to pick a brewery we have not been to yet, in the area of the restaurant we were going to check out that night.  
He choice Dangerous Man Brewery, he has never heard of them before, I was shocked that I had he didn't.  Well shocked might be a strong choice of words :)

OMG I had the best beer ever there!  Peanut Butter Stout on Nitro, if you like peanut butter you need to get there & have this beer!

Really nice interior at Dangerous Man.  Thumbs up by us!
For dinner, all my foodie friends have already been here teasing me with the excellent food photos.
Domo Gastro, was on my longgggg list of places to check out.
When we got there I didn't think they were open, it was totally empty.  Needless to say we got above and beyond service!  Even the owner came out to meet us and chat a bit what nice people.  
The menu was not very large so that made the decision a bit easier what to get, even thought we wanted to get everything!  
We started off with ordering 2 pork buns, $3 each - what a deal!  I have never had one before but, drool over them in photos all the time.  They did not disappoint!

Also as a starter we got a half order of kimchi fries, insanely good!

You know we are burger people, I am more open minded then the husband, so I was very happy that he was loving the food!  
Main dishes, I ordered the Korean Beef rice bowl, very good and pretty to look at with all the beautiful colors, way to much food for me.  I ate about 1/2 the bowl husband finished it off, he's a big eater.

And he ordered a bowl of the spicy ramen, also very lovely to the eye.

I was full but I really wanted to try out the egg rolls, you get about 8 mini ones we ate a few and brought the rest home.

The prices here are very affordable.  I wish them best of luck, I hope they stay busy, they are a newer restaurant.

We rolled ourselves out of there and popped into another brewery, Fair State Brew.  

Very interesting location.  They have a bar, a yard and a shop all with in a couple of shops, on the block.  I really enjoyed the interior.  
I wish I could say the same about the beer, the hubbie ordered me was a smoked beer.  Not for me! 
That's it, date night was over.  Full bellies make for a sleepy couple!

But please go check out Domo Gastro, you won't be disappointed.  Let's keep them busy!